Togian Island Retreat

Togian Islands

In 2006, the Togian Islands were designated a National Marine and Forest Reserve, the largest in Indonesia.  Located in the Tomini Gulf, the Togians are a picturesque archipelago of 56 islands and inlets. The islands were formed by volcanic activity from the still active volcano, Gunung Cholo on UnaUna Island, which is 18 kms north of Island Retreat, and can be seen from our cottages. Island Retreat is 30 kms south of the Equator.   The islands are covered with lush rainforests and surrounded by ancient coral reef formations. Sea temperature averages 30 degrees C, and in perfect sea and weather conditions (which is often), the average underwater visibility is up to 45 meters perfect for snorkeling and diving.

Both the terrestrial and marine ecosystems teem with exotic wildlife some which are endangered species.  The reefs and coastal areas provide habitats and breeding areas for hawks-bill turtles, the green turtle, and the dugong. Togian forests and skies are inhabited by exotic creatures such as the Togian Macaque, the babirusa, the red-crested hornbill, and hanging parrots.

Within this tropical paradise, 37 villages provide bright spots of gaiety and cultures of several ethnicities, including the Bobongko, Togian, Saluan, and the Bajau.  Although you may see some satellite dishes occasionally, many of the local people still practice the lifeways of their ancestors.  Fortunately, the relative isolation of the Togian Islands has preserved much of the ancestral ways.