Togian Island Retreat

How to get here

There are plans to open an airport in Ampana in the year 2013

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From Bali
Daily flights from Denpasar-Makassar-Palu

From Makassar
Daily flights to Palu
Service 4 times a week to Luwuk via Batavia Airlines and Merpati

From Tanah Toraja
Public bus to Ampana (about 19 hours)
Charter car to Ampana (about Rp 2,300,000) with overnight stop in Tentena

From Palu
Public minibus at 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. daily to Ampana
Charter car to Ampana (about 9-10 hours)

From Luwuk
Charter car to Ampana (about 6 hours)

From Gorontalo
* Public ferry departing Wednesday night and Friday night, arriving following morning in Wakai
* Charter car to Marisa for transfer to speedboat to Island Retreat

From Marisa
Charter speedboat (capacity 8 persons max.), about 3 hours - Rp 3,500,000

From Wakai, Togian Island
Charter outrigger boat to Island Retreat (max 4 persons),3 hrs - Rp 400,000

From Ampana
* Public boats (100 meters from Marina Cottage), departs Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 9:00 a.m. Rp 22,000. About 3 hours.
* Charter Island Retreat boat