Togian Island Retreat

All-inclusive Meals     |     Accommodations

The price of accommodations includes three meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, and tea.

Sample of our all-inclusive meals:

* Coffee or tea
* Homemade pancakes
* Mixed fruit
* Scrambled eggs
* Homemade pumpkin soup
* Spinach, tomato and cucumber salad
* Charcoal-grilled red snapper
* Fried potatoes with shallots
* Papaya flowers in coconut milk
* Minestrone soup
* Calamari and cucumber salad
* Homemade ravioli with marinara sauce
* Fresh baked bread
* Whole grilled fish
All of our kitchen ingredients are either from our new organic garden or freshly harvested from village gardens. We use only fresh ingredients including freshly caught seafood brought to us by local fishermen. Please advise if you have specific dietary requirements (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.)