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Island Retreat

The year 2019 is the 20th anniversary since our creation in l999.  Since then, we had not added more and more cottages, but continue to maintain our original cottages, in order to preserve the island ambiance and to avoid the usual noise and bustle of the “outside world”.   We had since purchased the surrounding forest in order to protect the forests and wildlife, and to prevent encroaching development at the expense of the natural environment.  Island Retreat is located on about 11 acres of forest, beach, mangrove, and a large island to the front of us.

At Island Retreat, our goal is to allow our guests to take in the natural beauty of the Togian Islands from your hammock on the veranda, snorkel directly from our white sand beach, or by boat trip to the many nearby snorkeling sites, or diving in the warm, crystal-clear waters, or by exploring the island on day tours by land or by sea. Our staff, local people from the Togian Islands, live at the Retreat with their families, in order to receive and welcome guests all year round.   

We offer a wide range of services and can help to advise on or help arrange your trip to the Retreat upon your arrival in Central Sulawesi.  We are glad to do this to ensure your stay with us is remembered with pleasure, long after your departure.

We rescued four illegally-captured turtles from a sea gypsy village and released them back into the sea.